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propagation trend
Physically connected callsigns to IQ6FW
Callsign Type Started Name Avg RTT
DB0ERF-5 R NODE DXSP 14-Sep-2023 0345Z
DL1FLW-1 R NODE DXSP 20-Sep-2023 0220Z
GB7HTL R NODE DXSP 20-Sep-2023 1710Z
HB9VQQ-2 R NODE DXSP 4-Sep-2023 1838Z Rol and
IK5PWJ-6 R NODE DXSP 2-Sep-2023 0201Z
IK7IMO-6 R NODE DXSP 13-Sep-2023 0910Z
IQ1GP-6 R NODE DXSP 2-Sep-2023 0215Z
IQ6FW USER EXT 21-Sep-2023 1025Z
IU4MTO USER EXT 16-Sep-2023 1645Z
IW2NOY-2 R NODE DXSP 19-Sep-2023 1402Z Gra ziano
IZ0BVU USER EXT 21-Sep-2023 0800Z Lor enzo
IZ6FXS-6 R NODE DXSP 2-Sep-2023 0200Z Nor mando
M0IPU-4 R NODE DXSP 20-Sep-2023 0955Z
SK0MMR R RBN EXT 14-Sep-2023 0054Z
SK1MMR R RBN EXT 14-Sep-2023 0054Z R_O _B_O_T